baxley'sEstablished in 1957 by B.B Baxley, Baxleys pawnshop has grown from its small one room store to a great show place of fine diamond and gold jewelry.  Baxley’s pawn shop  is unique in that it offers the same great services of larger shops in the city, competive rates and still manages to maintain a one on one family experience for shoppers and for borrowers. 

Since day 1 integrity  and credibility have made Baxley’s pawnshop a  main stay in the Barnwell  SC community.  Baxleys has always looked out for customer best interest. Whether its resizing a purchase free of charge, or giving a little extra on a small loan to help with unexpected expense, people know when they walk through the doors of Baxley’s pawn shop they will be treated with integrity .

More for Less.  Baxley’s has  made its reputation in South Carolina by loaning the most money possible on items of value while charging the least interest rates of any pawn service in south Carolina.   When you leave your items of value at baxleys the are secured and insured. This was never more evident when a fire gutted the original building on Patterson street in barnwell.

home 2Many thought the devastation of the fire would be the end of the road for Baxleys Pawn shop. However, within 24 hours, BB Baxley along with Mike and the staff were available to their  customers to answer questions about their items that were lost and also back in business to help customers by making  loans.    While they were not required to BB along with Mike repaid every pawn ticket customer for their items original value and they also went above and beyond to ensure each customer was satisfied.    While the insurance company  delayed, BB immediately began reapying customers out of his own pocket

Baxleys quickly rebuilt a larger facility, bigger show room and better facilities to meet one on one with customers during the loan process to assure complete privacy.